Every four years, the Broward MPO undergoes an intensive evaluation process headed by the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The FHWA/FTA Federal Review consists of four main activities, including: the review of planning documents, conducting a site visit, the development of a certification report, and a certification review close out presentation that discusses evaluation findings.

This past Monday (April 8) and Tuesday (April 9), we had the federal team conduct a site visit to discuss our progress over the last four years. We recieved great feedback on all fronts and were told by the review team that we are paving a way for other national MPO's to follow. We were also commended on our partnerships with other organizations to improve transportation across all modes and improving our multimodal projects prioritization process.

Although the site visit has concluded, the Broward MPO is asking that you, the public, leaves a note or comment on how we are doing with engaging the public and your overall view of the organization until the comment period ends on May 9. You can do so by commenting on any of our social media posts, or sending an email HERE.

When the 2019 findings have been completed, they will be posted for you to see. To view the complete findings from 2015, as well as those from previous certifications, please visit our Federal and State Certifications Page by clicking here.