• Gregory Stuart

    Gregory Stuart

    Executive Director

    Gregory is responsible for all the functions under the direction of the Board of Directors and leads the Executive Management Team.

  • Bryan Caletka

    Bryan Caletka

    Director of Transportation & Human Resources

    Bryan acts as the liaison to the MPO Board, manages Surtax Services and assists with Federal and State Policy goals.

  • Jacqueline Barszewski

    Jacqueline Barszewski

    Administrative Assistant

    Jackie serves as a receptionist and administrative assistant. Jackie handles record retention and day-to-day supporting tasks for the MPO.

  • Debora Blaszak

    Debora Blaszak

    Human Resources Coordinator

    Debora is responsible for Human Resource initiatives that support the MPO.

  • Christopher Bross

    Christopher Bross

    Procurement Officer

    Responsible for overseeing the procurement process to ensure that acquisitions of goods and services are consistent with MPO’s policies.

  • Derek Brown

    Derek Brown

    Human Resources Manager

    Derek oversees the Human Resources Department and assists the Finance Department.

  • Paul Calvaresi

    Paul Calvaresi

    Intergovernmental Manager

    Paul is responsible for monitoring, creating, and informing the board, partners and the public about transportation policies.

  • Juan D. Cañez

    Juan D. Cañez

    Data Services Associate Planner

    Juan is responsible for the organization’s IT services and the MPO’s Geographic Information System platform.

  • Jihong Chen

    Jihong Chen

    Project Programming Manager

    Jihong leads the development of Multimodal Priorities List and Transportation Improvement Program.

  • Amanda Christon

    Amanda Christon

    Transit Manager

    Amanda oversees regional transit projects, Mobility Hub program and Federal Transit Administration grants.

  • Norma Corredor

    Norma Corredor

    Grants Manager

    Norma manages federal grants, serves as the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) coordinator and supports the Finance department.

  • James Cromar

    James Cromar

    Deputy Executive Director, Federal Grants

    James leads the process for Federal Grants planning, with a focus on the Safe Streets For All (SS4A) Safety Action Plan.

  • Renee L. Cross

    Renee L. Cross

    Deputy Executive Director for Finance

    Renee leads the Finance, Accounting and Procurement teams and is responsible for the Unified Planning Work Program (budget) and Strategic Business Plan.

  • William L. Cross, P.E.

    William L. Cross, P.E.

    Deputy Executive Director, Planning & Programming

    Bill leads a team of engineers and planners who manage MPO core planning products, project development, grants, and the Metropolitan Transportation Engineering and Construction Cooperative (MTECC).

  • Carl Ema

    Carl Ema

    Administrative Services Manager/Title VI Coordinator

    Carl oversees board and committee coordination, State and Federal certifications, Title VI compliance, and UPWP support.

  • Paul Flavien

    Paul Flavien

    Data Services Manager

    Paul’s responsibilities include data services, freight planning, travel demand modeling and long-range and regional transportation planning.

  • Karen Friedman

    Karen Friedman

    Senior Transportation Planner

    Karen provides technical planning services to Broward cities & assists MPO efforts related to resiliency & sustainability and other initiatives.

  • Carmella George

    Carmella George

    Human Resources Coordinator

    Carmella is responsible for creating, updating and applying all HR policies and agency guidelines to ensure adherence to federal standards.

  • Peter Gies

    Peter Gies

    Systems Planning Manager

    Peter oversees the long-range planning (MTP) and short-range planning (TIP) products at the MPO including data analysis and performance measurement.

  • Ricardo S. Gutierrez

    Ricardo S. Gutierrez

    Mobility Program Manager

    Ricardo is responsible for managing the Broward MPO’s mobility program team and the Complete Streets Initiative.

  • Carol Henderson

    Carol Henderson

    Deputy Executive Director, Intergovernmental & Outreach

    Carol manages public and intergovernmental outreach strategies, plans, and initiatives to meet the agency’s local, state, and federal requirements,

  • Vilma Hurtado

    Vilma Hurtado

    Executive Assistant

    Vilma serves as the assistant to the Executive Director and manages the records retention program.

  • Adrian Liburd

    Adrian Liburd

    Accounting Manager

    Adrian oversees the Finance Department including finance, accounting and grants management.

  • Kerrie MacNeil

    Kerrie MacNeil

    CSLIP Manager

    Kerrie manages the Complete Streets and Other Local Initiatives Program (CSLIP).

  • Darci L. Mayer

    Darci L. Mayer

    Senior Transportation Planner

    Darci manages the MPO's general planning consultant (GPC) contract and is responsible for grant reporting

  • Roger Miranda

    Roger Miranda

    GIS Planner

    Roger analyzes and manages GIS data and creates interactive and static maps for the organization.

  • Ashley Mohni

    Ashley Mohni

    Communications Specialist

    Ashley develops communication strategies and campaigns to increase public involvement and meet the local, state, and federal requirements of the MPO.

  • Oscar Nelson

    Oscar Nelson

    Procurement Manager

    Oscar is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services in accordance with MPO’S policies.

  • Kayla Orazi

    Kayla Orazi

    Transportation Planner

    Kayla provides technical transportation planning services to municipalities in Broward County, and manages GIS data, interactive and static maps for the organization.

  • Miguel Perez-Barquero

    Miguel Perez-Barquero

    Information Technology Technician

    Miguel performs technical and professional planning work for the MPO, with focus on data services and Information Technology (IT).

  • Mark Plass

    Mark Plass

    Senior Transportation Engineer

    Mr. Plass is leading BMPO initiatives to integrate data analytics and technology into its products and services leading to enhanced safety and mobility for all users of Broward County's evolving multimodal transportation network.

  • Paula Prusinski

    Paula Prusinski

    Procurement Associate

    Paula is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services in compliance with the BMPOs procurement rules, policies and procedures.

  • Fazal Qureshi

    Fazal Qureshi

    Transportation Engineering Project Manager

    Fazal assists with engineering support for planning and implementing Complete Streets projects throughout the County.

  • Christopher Restrepo

    Christopher Restrepo

    Principal Planner

    Christopher supports the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Multimodal Priorities List, and the Transportation Improvement Program.

  • Andrew Riddle

    Andrew Riddle

    City Services Manager

    Andrew is responsible for leading the MPO’s City Services Team, providing planning assistance to the MPO’s member governments.

  • Julia Ronquillo

    Julia Ronquillo

    Staff Accountant I

    Julia is responsible for Accounts Payable and assists with grant activities in the Finance Department.

  • Buffy C. Sanders II

    Buffy C. Sanders II

    Principal Planner

    Buffy handles traffic counts, right-of-way vacation reviews, and coordination for the TIGER grant Complete Streets projects.

  • Rebecca N. Schultz

    Rebecca N. Schultz

    Boards Coordinator/TD Program Administrator

    Rebecca is responsible for planning, preparation, and execution of MPO Board, Advisory Committees, LCB, and other meetings as requested.

  • Kathy Singer

    Kathy Singer

    Executive Assistant

    Kathy provides administrative support to the MPO staff and Board Members.

  • Levi Stewart-Figueroa

    Levi Stewart-Figueroa

    Senior Transportation Planner

    Levi provides technical transportation planning services to municipalities in Broward & assists MPO efforts related to resiliency & sustainability.

  • Jennipher Tucy

    Jennipher Tucy

    Government Relations Transportation Planner

    Jennipher supports and assists with the government relations agenda on transportation policies.

  • Jose Vera

    Jose Vera

    Graphic Designer

    Jose is responsible for conceptualizing and producing graphic identities of projects, events, and general outreach of the MPO as a whole.

  • Alan Gabriel

    Alan Gabriel

    General Counsel

    Partner, Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman. Alan serves as general counsel for the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization