The MPO’s City Services team was established with the goal of providing a complete range of transportation services from planning, concept plans, and project implementation.

To create vibrant, livable communities, City Services works with Broward MPO member governments and partner agencies to lead transportation planning studies focused on a variety of topics such as safety, resilience, electric vehicle charging, and first-last mile connections. City Services also leads the Broward MPO’s conceptual/pre-design project planning and development in conjunction with “off-system” locally-owned roadway improvement projects.

Broward MPO’s City Services also offers technical assistance directly to member governments to develop Multimodal Transportation Master Plans. The Master Plans not only determine and prioritize improvements for all road users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders, but they identify executable multimodal transportation projects. City Services technical assistance includes a variety of support, including establishing planning goals, assessing needs, evaluating options, engaging with stakeholders, developing project planning concepts, and preparation of planning-level cost estimates.

Broward MPO’s City Services holistically approaches all projects intending to ensure local and regional plans follow a consistent and coherent direction with recommended improvements that are developed with public involvement, are realistic, and implementable.


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