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Take a Look at the Presentations from the 2023 SSS

The 2023 Safe Streets Summit took place on February 2-3, 2023. The theme for the 2023 Safe Streets Summit was "Back to the Streets”, focusing on how we can embrace change for the better to reclaim streets for people, not just cars and improve safety, health, economic development and mobility for all.

Thursday, February 2nd

Training Break-Out Session #1

A. Prioiritizing Space for Bikes and Pedestrians in Urban Centers: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

  • Presentation by Jose R. Gonzalez, City of Miami Beach & Alia Awwad, Alta Planning + Design, Inc.
  • Presentation by Julie Townsend, Lakeland Downtown Development Authority & Angelo Rao, S&ME

B. People First! Community Collaborations Towards Safer Streets

  • Presentation by Emily Hanna, Pedestrian Safety Coalition
  • Presentation by Kurt Kaminer, University of Miami BikeSafe & WalkSafe programs
  • Presentation by Lisa Martinez, LM Genuine Solutions, The Underdeck & Trina Harris, Touching Miami with Love

C. Curb Control - Reclaiming Street Space for Better Mobility and Economic Development

Training Break-Out Session #2

D. Leveraging Big Data to Plan Safe, Equitable Streets

  • Presentation by Chris Warren, Urban SDK
  • Presentation by Nick Meyers & Nathan Sky, Steetlight Data / Taylor Laurent, MetroPlan Orlando

E. Don't Give Up at the Intersection! Design & Implementation of a Critical Component of Complete Streets Infrastructure

  • Presentation by Mark Brown, Broward MPO & Alia Awwad / Tom Natwick, Alta Planning + Design, Inc. 
  • Presentation by Jamie Krzeminski / Larry Wallace, HDR

F. By the Numbers: Tools to Evaluate Walkability and Bikeability

  • Presentation by Dr. Louis A. Merlin, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University / Steve Postma, Florida Atlantic University / M.SC. Elias Pajares, Technical University of Munich, Plan4Better GMBH
  • Presentation by Quentin Freixo, Eco-Counter

 Friday, February 3rd

Opening Keynote Session: Neighborhoods and People First

  • Moderator: Tane Danger, Theater of Public Policy
  • Speaker: Chuck Marohn, Strong Towns
    • View the Presentation slides HERE

Plenary Session 1: Taking Back the Streets: Leveraging Momentum Toward People-Centered Streets

  • Moderator: Tane Danger, Theater of Public Policy
  • Speakers:
    • Jennifer O’Connell, National Association of City Transportation Officials
      • View the Presentation slides HERE
    • Warren Logan, Progress Public Affairs
      • View the Presentation slides HERE

Plenary Session 2: Complete Streets Are Livable Streets: Planning Beyond the Pavement

  • Moderator: Chris Bruntlett, Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Speakers:
    • Darnell Grisby, Beneficial State Foundation
      • View the Presentation slides HERE
    • Cheri Hessami, Happy Cities
      • View the Presentation slides HERE

Plenary Session 3: Taking Action to the Streets: Implementing Effective and Sustainable Complete Streets Policies

  • Moderator: James Christian, Federal Highway Administration, Florida Division, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands
  • Speakers:
    • Ryan Sharp, City of Hoboken, NJ
      • View the Presentation slides HERE
    • Alexa Bush, Kresge Foundation
      • View the Presentation slides HERE