The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Four, in partnership with the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), conducted a State Road A1A Multimodal Study within Broward County. The objective of the study was to apply complete streets principles to develop feasible and resilient multimodal solutions along the entire 28-mile corridor.

The study incorporated input received from close coordination with local governments along State Road A1A. Additionally, agency coordination with Broward MPO, Broward County, and FDOT was conducted to obtain acceptance and support.

The study corridor was divided into two segments: the south segment consists of approximately eight miles between the Miami-Dade County Line and Griffin Road, while the north segment consists of approximately twenty miles between the Griffin Road and the Palm Beach County line.

The study team utilized information, including field data, multimodal corridor analysis, and agency/stakeholder input, to deliver viable multimodal planning-level concepts, policy recommendations, and other strategies for the study corridor. These concepts and strategies were presented as opportunities to enhance the functioning of State Road A1A as a resilient complete street, aiming for equitable benefit of all users of the corridor.


 Appendix 1 Local Needs Summary.pdf

 Appendix 2 Literature Review.pdf

 Appendix 3 Crash Summary.pdf

 Appendix 4 Data Collection and Qualitative Assessment Report.pdf

 Appendix 5 Resilience Evaluation.pdf

 Appendix 6 Multimodal Corridor Analysis - North Segment.pdf

 Appendix 7 Multimodal Corridor Analysis - South Segment.pdf

 Appendix 8 Concept Development and Evaluation.pdf

 Appendix 9 Concept Map Board_11x17.pdf

 Appendix 10 Implementation Plan.pdf


Levi Stewart-Figueroa – Broward MPO Study Liaison

 (954) 876-0079

Larry Hymowitz – FDOT Study Manager