In partnership with FDOT and Broward County, the MPO developed a safety program whereby safety projects will be identified, planned and implemented through the MPO’s project delivery process. High crash areas are first identified in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, whereby two Roadway Safety Analyses (RSAs) per year are developed. Project development and engineering then takes place for the concepts in the RSAs over the next several years, and safety projects are then constructed either through municipalities, FDOT, Broward County, or MTECC.

Road Safety Analysis Framework

Roadway Safety Analysis (RSA) Process
A Roadway Safety Analysis (RSA) was completed for Royal Palm Blvd in 2022. Crash data was collected and analyzed to determine high-crash areas, and field visits were conducted to review on-the-ground conditions. Key recommendations included:
• Lane reduction and reassignment at the University Drive intersection to reduce traffic conflicts
• Access management to prevent left turn crashes
• High visibility crosswalks
• Signal upgrades to make them more visible to drivers
An additional RSA is underway for Cleary Boulevard in the City of Plantation.


FHWA Safety

FHWA Safe System Approach

FHWA Proven Safety Countermeasures

FDOT Target Zero