Guidelines 2.0

The Broward Complete Streets team recently updated the Broward Complete Streets Guidelines. This document was approved at the Broward MPO Board Meeting (on November 14, 2019) to give MPO partners the tools they need to take implementing Broward Complete Streets projects to the next level. 

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Why should our municipalities use the Broward Complete Streets Guidelines?

Guidelines serve as the “DNA” of streets and help to determine how walkable and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods and communities are, how conducive cities are to transit use, and how livable communities become.This Guidelines document offers a universal way to design streets and provides guidance for municipalities that decide to adopt these principles to create better streets for a better life for their businesses, residents and visitors. The Broward Complete Streets (BCS) Guidelines are based on universal complete streets principles that aim to design streets for people of all ages and physical abilities and accommodate all travel modes.

What if my municipality implements Broward Complete Streets Guidelines in my area?

The end result will include more livable neighborhoods with:

  • Healthier people (complete streets benefits include healther hearts, minds and bodies)
  • Increased social capital (more regular interactions with neighbors, visitors and business patrons) and
  • Increased active transportation (due to increased and improved facilities for walking, bicycling, and accessing public transportation). 

Local governments depend on Guidelines manuals like this one for design guidance on new streets, as well as for retrofitting and modifying existing streets with new development, and when new subdivisions are being built. Along with land use planning, street manuals play a large role in determining urban form. 

How did we get here?

The first version of the Broward Complete Streets Guidelines were created to present an opportunity for communities to design their streets for smart growth, health, safety, livability, sustainability, and more. Since some of Broward's local municipalities have existing complete streets guidelines, this document also provides a template that can be adopted to replace existing local manuals. The Broward Complete Streets Guidelines were approved by the Broward MPO Board on July 12, of 2012. Over 500 copies have been downloaded to date.

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For More Information

Please contact Ricardo Gutierrez at or (954) 876-0044 to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.