How The Plan Was Built

Commitment 2040 is a collection of strategic investments in transportation assets to serve travelers in the Miami Urbanized Area within Broward County. These investments have been identified to recognize financial, environmental, regulatory and social constraints. We also talked to you and our planning partners through our outreach and visioning efforts.

Trends and Performance

We began by trying to understand where we are and where we’re going. This involved determining who currently lives here, and what we expect the Broward population will look like throughout the 30 years of the plan. This included information about who we are, what our jobs look like and the increasing diversity of our population

Project Selection

As is common in many urbanized areas, the total cost of all the needed transportation improvements exceeds reasonably expected revenues. With guidance from the Board and the public, funding levels were assigned to each of the three affordable categories: a new Complete Streets program for local projects; regionally significant transit projects; and then regionally significant roadway projects. Within the regionally significant groups, projects were then selected based on a variety of criteria including a system-level analysis.

Public Involvement

We undertook an extensive public involvement process that listened to as many voices as possible. This ranged from you, the public, to many transportation stakeholders in Broward and beyond. We used a number of innovative public involvement processes, including real time polling and interactive maps, to better capture your input. We held public workshops and built web-based tools so you could comment directly on the improvements we were considering. We heard you.

Goals and Objectives

The transportation investment decisions in Commitment 2040 have many outcomes. We set clear goals and objectives for both the plan as a whole and for individual projects.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is a process where we identify all of the transportation improvements needed in the planning area. We started by compiling a list all of the improvements included in our previous plan, Transformation 2035. This list included bicycle, pedestrian, transit and roadway projects. We identified all of the projects from the 2035 LRTP that were built or funded in the Transportation Improvement Program through 2018 and removed them from this list. We then asked transportation stakeholders to tell us which of the 2035 improvements were still needed and whether to add any additional projects. Based on this outreach we compiled an extensive list from which we could select projects.

Publications & Findings
Supportive Data, Analysis & Guidance

Financial Resources

Under Federal requirements, we are obligated to develop a “financially feasible” plan. This means we need to be able to plan, build, operate and maintain all of the improvements we include in the plan. We must live within our transportation “budget”. While we will continue to look for additional funding, we must live within our means.

Moving Forward

A lot of thought and input went into making this plan. We talked to you and all the other transportation stakeholders. Commitment 2040 may be completed, but its projects will continue to develop over the next 26 years. Keep watching our progress by providing input as these projects move forward.

For More Information

Please contact Paul Flavien at or (954) 876-0045 to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.