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For information regarding the incorporation of local projects seeking federal dsicretionary funding into MPO Plans, please CLICK HERE

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Amendment Overview

The adopted MTP may be amended prior to the next five-year update cycle in order to add, remove, or modify a transportation project in the Cost Feasible Plan. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, an amendment to the MTP "requires public review and comment and a redemonstration of fiscal constraint."

On June 11, 2020 the Broward MPO Board voted to amend the MPO Rules and established an annual MTP amendment cycle. MTP amendment requests (and supporting documentation) must be submitted to the Broward MPO by November 10 each year. This will ensure that MTP amendments have adequate time to undergo a financial constraint analysis and public review prior to being adopted by the MPO Board and included in the upcoming FDOT Work Program/Transportation Improvement Program development cycle. The annual MTP amendment cycle requires that MPO member governments and partner agencies submit formal MTP amendment requests (in writing) to the MPO for any projects to be added, deleted, or modified in the 2045 MTP. In addition, MTP amendment requests must meet the program-ready criteria (Scope of Work, Cost Estimate, Partner Collaboration, and Resolution of Support) established by the Broward MPO Board in order to be considered. Finally, MPO staff strongly recommends that member governments and partner agencies meet with the MPO as early as possible prior to submitting an MTP amendment request to ensure the proposed request meets the necessary thresholds for an MTP amendment. A timeline of the MTP Amendment process can be found below:

2045 MTP Amendment Timeline


MTP Amendment Requirements

  • Meet with Broward MPO Staff prior to the November 10th annual deadline to review proposed amendment and ensure all MTP amendment requirements are met
  • Demonstrate the proposed amendment meets the MPO's Program Ready Criteria (see below)
  • Provide a formal written request (with all supporting documentation) to the Broward MPO Executive Director by November 10th
  • Financial Feasibility and MTP Project Prioritization Review (MPO Led)

 Program Ready Criteria Icons Line


MTP Amendment Resources


For More Information

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