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Municipal Surtax Services - Overview 

In November 2018, Broward County voters approved a 30-year, discretionary sales surtax for transportation (also known as "Penny for Transportation" or "Mobility Advancement Program").

Through an agreement between Broward County, municipalities, and the Broward MPO, the MPO, utilizing its 40+ years of experience in reviewing, ranking, prioritizing, programming and coordinating transportation projects with municipalities, in addition to federal and state partners, has been tasked to provide Municipal Surtax Services, which include:

  • Create an Online Project Submittal Tool that allows municipal staff to provide additional information about the scope of their proposed projects
  • Review projects with municipal staff at One-on-One meetings
  • Develop an Evaluation Methodology, including criteria that assesses a project's ability to Alleviate Traffic Congestion & Enhance Connectivity and Equity
  • Develop an Analysis Tool to evaluate municipal projects
  • Develop an approach to identify "Project Readiness" ("Shovel Readiness")
  • Develop a Ranked List of Projects based on the results of the Analysis Tool and Project Readiness
  • Deliver a prioritized list of municipal projects to Broward County
  • Develop an Annual Application Process to allow municipalities to submit new or amended projects for future application cycles

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