Safe Streets Awards

The Safe Streets Awards are an opportunity to highlight individuals and jurisdictions that have led by example in creating better streets for all users. Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties will each select one individual Complete Streets Champion Award winner and one Complete Streets Community Award winner. Conference attendees will be voted to select the 2023 People’s Choice Award recipient!

Complete Streets Champion Award

Awarded to an individual who has been an exceptional leader and catalyst in advancing Complete Streets in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach.

Complete Streets Community Award

Awarded to a local government or organization in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach that has significantly contributed to implementing Complete Streets, including doing an outstanding job engaging the community.

People’s Choice Award for Best Project

Awarded to a project that has helped advance Complete Streets efforts in Miami-Dade, Broward, and/or Palm Beach. Projects can include quick-build or permanent and long-term projects. Safe Streets Summit attendees will have an opportunity to vote for the best Complete Streets-focused project. Additionally, People’s Choice Award nominees may have the opportunity to showcase their project at the Summit.

2023 Safe Streets Awards - WINNERS

The Safe Streets Awards are an opportunity to highlight individuals and jurisdictions that have led by example in creating better streets for all users. Miami - Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties each selected one individual Complete Streets Champion Award winner and one Complete Streets Community Award winner.

Conference attendees voted to select one winner for the People’s Choice Award for Best Complete Streets Project! Winners were announced at the 2023 Safe Streets Summit on February 3, 2023.


MRA 6078

Miami-Dade County

MRA 5975

Complete Streets Champion Award

Winner: Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee, Chair, Miami-Dade TPO Non-Urban Core Task Forces

Kionne L McGhee is the Chair of the Miami - Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Non-Urban Core Task Forces addressing bicycle and pedestrian mobility challenges in Miami - Dade County. TPO Task Forces have implemented the “SMART Street Transportation Enhancement Program (STEP),” advancing projects countywide. Through this leadership, he has approved three projects for advancement via this program representing the need of the community in the South Miami - Dade area, increasing connectivity, and enhancing safety for all. The SW 344 Street intersection enhancement project is anticipated to be completed in January 2023.


MRA 5980

Complete Streets Community Award

Winner: City of Miami Gardens

As part of the Miami - Dade TPO’s SMART STEP, the project focused on collaborating with the City of Miami Gardens to enhance safety and mobility at this intersection connecting the community to the recreational areas of Bunche Park and Pool. The enhancements included upgrades to pedestrian crossings and the implementation of new green-colored bicycle lanes. This project was completed under the leadership of Tom Ruiz, City of Miami Gardens Public Works Director, along with the support of Miami - Dade TPO Board Member Rodney Harris.


Broward County

MRA 6164

Complete Streets Champion Award

Winner: Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne, City of Miramar

Vice Mayor Colbourne currently serves as the Deputy Vice Chair on the Broward MPO’s Governing Board. She has consistently supported the implementation of various multimodal projects and regularly participates in community engagement events that promote Safety, Health, Equity, Livability, and Economic Vitality. Through her guidance and unyielding support, the City of Miramar has been able to secure federal funds for numerous projects that aim to improve the quality of life for all residents. She has advocated, supported, and endorsed a variety of multimodal projects that have been awarded funding through the Broward MPO’s Complete Streets and other Localized Initiatives Program. Her dedication and passion are helping to make Broward safer, healthier, and more vibrant while ensuring equity and people are at the forefront.


MRA 6030

Complete Streets Community Award

Winner: South Florida Commuter Services

South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) has been a staple of FDOT for over two decades. SFCS should be commended for its efforts to reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles and promoting alternative modes of transportation that lessen the negative impact s to our transportation system. From “Let’s Go Biking” to more technical efforts, such as BTactical’s Quick-Build interventions and Walking Audits, SFCS has worked side by side with the Broward MPO as a partner to ensure the success of these endeavors. 10 years ago, SFCS solidified its commitment to safety by becoming one of the original partners and sponsors of the Safe Streets Summit. Their commitment to and support of the Safe Streets Summit has continued yearly. SFCS has been an integral partner in the Broward MPO’s journey to make Broward better and safer while creating healthier communities and improving the economic vitality of our region.


MRA 6042

Outstanding Transportation Partner

Winner: Mayor Josh Levy, City of Hollywood

Mayor Joshua Levy has been an avid supporter of infrastructure improvement throughout the City of Hollywood that provides his residents with the opportunity to safely and comfortably walk, bike, take transit or drive around the City of Holly wood. Improvements include the Hollywood Complete Streets Demonstration project, Washington St., and 56th Ave. Mayor Levy’s recipe for success includes political support for Complete Street projects and initiatives, encouraging collaboration amongst partners, and leveraging various funding opportunities. This recipe of success has brought millions of dollars from the Federal, State, and County levels into the City of Hollywood. Mayor Levy is passionate about improving the city and working to achieve the city’s vision of being South Florida’s top city to live, learn, work, invest, and play.


Palm Beach County

MRA 5991

Complete Streets Champion Award

Winner: Natalie Crowley, Director of Planning and Zoning, City of Palm Beach Gardens

Director of Planning and Zoning at the City of Palm Beach Gardens, Natalie is a true advocate for all modes of travel and is shifting the policy needle in her area. Having led her planning team through a contentious mobility plan and fee effort, she was a force for not only mobility but also for zoning and land use changes to encourage the right density to encourage mobility.


MRA 6003

Complete Streets Community Award

Winner: Village of Wellington

The Village of Wellington is a local leader in both capital projects and policy to increase safety and awareness for safe streets. The Village consistently holds constructive conversations on safety efforts under the guise of implementing its newly adopted Complete Streets and Vision Zero Policies. Citizens have also been engaged at frequent community events by the Safety Committee Members, including the Palm Beach TPA, Sheriff’s and Fire Rescue Department, and with Village Staff


People's Choice Award

MRA 6075

Winner: Prospect Road

The Prospect Road, Complete Streets project, was identified in the Broward MPO’s Long Range Transportation Plan. This project represents how multiple agencies can collaborate successfully across jurisdictional boundaries to connect users of all ages and abilities to popular destinations. The City of Oakland Park envisioned many of the constructed Complete Streets and safety elements such as lane repurposing for green buffered bike lanes, landscaping zones, ADA improvements, lighting upgrades, and sidewalk connectivity. These upgrades have improved the pedestrian and bicyclist overall experience by creating a welcoming street environment that is well-connected within the multimodal network in the City of Oakland Park.



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