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On November 8, 2016, Broward County residents who are registered voters will have the opportunity to vote on a proposed penny sales surtax increase to pay for transportation and infrastructure projects county-wide. If approved, Broward’s sales tax would increase from 6 percent to 7 percent. In June 2016, Broward County government and representatives from Broward’s municipalities signed an Interlocal Agreement (ILA), which summarized how proceeds from the sales surtax would be spent. A summary of the ILA follows:
-A ½ penny of the sales surtax proceeds will be dedicated to Broward County to pay for regional transportation projects for 30 years.
-A ½ penny of the sales surtax proceeds (distributed by population countywide) will be dedicated to Broward’s 31 municipalities and unincorporated Broward County to fund local infrastructure projects for 20 years. In years 21-30, 60% of this infrastructure ½ penny will continue to flow to Broward’s municipalities for local infrastructure projects, and 40% will flow to Broward County for regional infrastructure projects.
-The sales surtax is projected to generate an estimated $300 million in the first year, with that number expected to rise over 30 years. Approximately one third of the sales surtax proceeds will be paid for by tourists.
-All sales surtax proceeds expenditures will be monitored by an Oversight Board compromised of nine members, which will approve the expenditures and ensure that all money is spent on permissible projects.


A Penny at Work

Broward County and the 31 municipalities in Broward have created a plan for how potential surtax revenues will be spent. Proposed projects and more information about how money would be spent in your city is available at:


Mobility, the movement of people and goods, can be broken down into two factors: transportation and infrastructure. Funding transportation and infrastructure has become increasingly difficult. Public revenues available to pay for transportation improvements have declined due to increased vehicle fuel efficiency, fewer vehicle miles traveled, and the fact that the federal gas tax has not been raised since 1993. The federal gas tax was designed to fully cover the costs of transportation, but Congress has had to fill the funding gap in the Highway Trust Fund through short term infusions. This has created an inconsistent and inadequate transportation funding system. If the Broward region is to have a more robust transportation system and the essential infrastructure to sustain a growing population and attract new businesses, the region will need to look inward for a source of dedicated funding.

Surtax Options

State law provides for two sales surtax options (as laid out in Florida Statute Section 212.055) with proceeds available to fund transportation and/or infrastructure projects in a County. Each surtax is limited to the first $5,000 of any taxable purchase. Broward County has the option to levy either or a combination of the Charter County and Regional Transportation System Surtax or Local Government Infrastructure Surtax. Each option authorizes the funds to be used for different purposes as illustrated in this Fact Sheet.


DateMeeting Type
January 7, 2016 First Broward MPO Local Surtax Subcommittee Meeting*
January 13, 2016 Meeting with Broward County Administrator
January 14, 2016 Second Broward MPO Local Surtax Subcommitee Meeting*
February 4, 2016

Third Broward MPO Local Surtax Subcommittee Meeting*

Local Funding Compromise Option (Revised 2/10/16)

February 8, 2016 Hallandale Beach "Let's Talk Transportation" Event*
February 11, 2016 Broward MPO Board Meeting
February 16, 2016 Broward County Commission Transportation Board Workshop
March 3, 2016 Fourth Broward MPO Local Surtax Subcommittee Meeting*
March 16, 2016 Joint Meeting of Broward MPO and Broward County Commission
March 31, 2016

City Manager's Meeting

- Fact Sheet- Alternatives
- Fact Sheet: Timeline, Uses, Map, Roadway Mileage
- Municipal Resolution: Infrastructure Surtax

April 14, 2016

Broward MPO Board Meeting

-Proposed 70-30 Surtax Approach Summary

June 22, 2016

Interlocal Agreement and ballot language approved

by Broward County Commission

June 22-24, 2016 Interlocal Agreement approved by 22 Broward municipalities
November 8, 2016 Election Day

*Recording available upon request

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