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The Broward MPO has partnered with the Broward County School Board to promote safe walking and biking, so that school children have safe paths on which to get to and from school. Through the Safe Routes to School program, the MPO works with the School Board, among other partners, to fund walking and biking paths that allow for safe passage for kids walking and biking to school.

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Students from Deerfield Beach High School gathered at the Broward MPO office on Wednesday, December 7 for a "Think Like a Planner" Workshop, where students walked the Cypress Creek area and determined how to make the area more accomodating for pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and motorists. Students came to the MPO as part of the Career, Technical, Adult, and Community Education (CTACE) program.

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Building on past presentations at Construction Career Days, Broward MPO staff once again participated at the 2016 Construction Career Days at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds on October 25 and 26. MPO staff used StreetMix software to teach students about Complete Streets and the importance of designing safe streets for all users of the road. Over 500 students visited the MPO learning lab during the two day event.

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