Welcome to the eighth cycle of CSLIP! The application submittal window will open on July 27th, 2023 following the Application workshop held on July 26th, 2023. 

Before susbmitting an application, applicants should: 

  1. Review the CSLIP Program Policies. Applicants should review the MPO Board Adopted policies to determine if their project is eligible for the Complete Streets and Other Localized Initiative Programs. 
  2. Meet with the MPO and FDOT Staff. Applicants are required to meet with Staff for their applications to be eligible. These scheduled meetings have already been conducted for Cycle 8. 
  3. Review Evaluation Criteria. Applicants should review the MPO Board adopted evaluation criteria to understand how projects will be scored and prioritized. 
  4. Product Project Documents. The Applicants Form requires applicants to upload a variety of required and supplemental documents. You may review the list posted on the Application Information page and clicking "Application Checklist" 

Submit an Application

The Application Form is available until the submittal deadline at 5:00 p.m. on October 2nd, 2023. 

Note: To ensure browser compatilibity and proper functionality, use Firefox or Google Chrome.