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Etownhall meeting

The Broward MPO created Speak Up Broward as an interactive approach to public engagement. Through Speak Up Broward, the public has been able to voice their opinions on the transportation system. Over the past years, Speak Up Broward has utilized creative approaches, such as eTownHall meetings, to reach a much larger audience versus traditional public meetings. Thanks to these tools, the MPO was able to inform the public and raise awareness of the transportation planning process and the need for additional funding.


pennyA major focus for Speak Up Broward was, and will continue to be, exploring funding sources to supplement the federal gas tax. The revenue generated by this tax does not satisfy the existing or projected growth and demand on transportation. A recent effort on the November 8, 2016 ballot to increase the local sales tax by 1% (“Penny at Work” Sales Tax) proposed that half the funds would go to the County to aide transportation projects and the other half would go towards the municipalities to support local infrastructure projects. The “Penny at Work” sales tax did not pass, though the results showed support for additional funding for transportation.



Synchronized Lights

The Broward MPO’s goal has and always will be to improve all types of transportation in all areas of the County, with emphasis on providing more choices to get around. Without an increased local funding source, this task continues to be challenging. The expected money that will be available in the next 25 years will not suffice to cover maintenance of the existing system as well as new projects and improvements that arise because of the growing population. Through the Speak Up Broward effort, the MPO will continue to collaborate with the residents of Broward County to ensure the planning and funding decisions made by the MPO reflect our area’s priorities. The future success of transportation in Broward is established by voicing your opinion today.



Workshop2 2As the Broward MPO completes its Core Products and Major Functions, Speak Up Broward will be the outreach arm to ensure that the public continues to get and stay involved in the transportation decisions that affect our future. Our mission is to continue engaging the public in new and creative ways so that your voice is heard and counts. We want you to stay involved with us! Check the calendar for upcoming events, visit the Speak Up Broward Facebook and Twitter pages, and check our homepage for the latest news and updates.

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Please contact Christopher Ryan at (954) 876-0036 or ryanc@browardmpo.org to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.