Local Discretionary Sales Surtax

In November 2018, a sales surtax was passed by Broward County voters. More information on the Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) surtax initiative can be found here: http://www.broward.org/pennyfortransportation/Pages/default.aspx

Surtax Workshops

A surtax workshop was held at the Broward MPO Office on Wednesday, August 28.

Link to surtax presentation

The deadline for the online submittal tool is Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 5pm.


Please direct your questions to the following MPO staff:


For More Information

Please contact Kerrie MacNeil at (954) 876-0072 or macneilk@browardmpo.org to learn more about the Broward MPO and what they are working on in your community.